Yep - SoNic Smith's Ladies Style (Haszari's Le Mans Style remix) is number 1 on Dunedin's Radio 1 Top 11!

So huge thanks to everyone who voted, this is quite unexpected and we really appreciate it.

How far can we take this story? Well if you're elsewhere around the country, or just feel like voting, you can vote for us at any of the bNet/independent stations:
Dunedin / Radio 1:
Auck / bfm:,
Christchurch / RDU:
Wellington / Radio Active:
Palmy / Radio Control:
Auck / George:
Hamilton / Contact:

If you want a piece of the action, you can now buy the EP (or individual tracks) direct from iTunes. So get yours! And.. if you want a freebie, sign up to the mailing list at Cartoon Beats. We'll be sending out regular mailings with news and free exclusive tracks, edits & mixes.

And again, thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far - DJs who played the tracks & demos, wives/partners, radio stations who played our stuff, Radio 1, Rob Vouchermate, people who voted, people who've come see us play... etc. Too many names to list. Thanks!

CBR001 Cover Art
SoNic Smith & Haszari - Cartoon Beats - Ladies Style - the JAcket
Well.. "this goes out, to all my family & friends/when times were hard/you were there"...

Last night I for the first time had a DJ booking tanglup and it turned out I wasn't playing at Pop. Ah well, 'sall good, cos moments before I was lamenting the fact that I wasn't able to check out Trillion (AKA Jody from Dark Tower's new band The Incredible Braking Wheel.

So that was all damn fine, country-tinged roots rock urban guerilla protest stylez, and I recommend you click the above links and friend em, and check the music, and go see em when they're in your town.

AND THEN Ellamental Anakissed, possibly spurred on by the soundz, had the bold idea to take over the fairly idle at that moment Bath St. So off marched SoNic Smith to liaise with the always genial staff at Bath St. Needless to say, they were amenable, so within 20 minutes we (and when I say we I mean Nic) had rousted 20+ people from the streetz and other more rebutable places and transformed Bath St into an impromptu rave!

Yea for emergency beat action! It went on for a couple of hours, and there was some bloody impressive dancefloor, and half way thru the smoke machine started up, boosting the atmos sufficiently.

So cheers all, see yer tonight for part 2/3.

Momentum @Bath St Fri 16th Nov