Yep - SoNic Smith's Ladies Style (Haszari's Le Mans Style remix) is number 1 on Dunedin's Radio 1 Top 11!

So huge thanks to everyone who voted, this is quite unexpected and we really appreciate it.

How far can we take this story? Well if you're elsewhere around the country, or just feel like voting, you can vote for us at any of the bNet/independent stations:
Dunedin / Radio 1:
Auck / bfm:,
Christchurch / RDU:
Wellington / Radio Active:
Palmy / Radio Control:
Auck / George:
Hamilton / Contact:

If you want a piece of the action, you can now buy the EP (or individual tracks) direct from iTunes. So get yours! And.. if you want a freebie, sign up to the mailing list at Cartoon Beats. We'll be sending out regular mailings with news and free exclusive tracks, edits & mixes.

And again, thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far - DJs who played the tracks & demos, wives/partners, radio stations who played our stuff, Radio 1, Rob Vouchermate, people who voted, people who've come see us play... etc. Too many names to list. Thanks!

CBR001 Cover Art
SoNic Smith & Haszari - Cartoon Beats - Ladies Style - the JAcket
Radio 1's web stream has for a long time been intermittently lo-fi, even though the actual stream format is nice-enough 128k mp3, i.e. 44.1kHz stereo. More often than not (and pretty much permanently) the audio quality was in fact 22kHz mono, i.e. shithouse, tragically being re-streamed at 128k (oh the waste.. oh the bits...).

So, since the Energy Flash podcast relies on this stream, the problem was one dear to my heart. For a lil while I had been emailing, attempting to suss it out, get to the bottom of it, or just keep hassling so someone figures it out.

Didn't get anywhere, but last week I noted that the tech guy hangs out on GChat sometimes, so I decided to keep banging on about it in an attempt to really get it fixed. AND WE DID IT!

The culprits:
R1 uses RecALL Pro for logging purposes, recording at low quality everything broadcast on the station. Running on the same machine is WinAMP and a Shoutcast server powering the web stream.

When RecALL pro starts up recording, it requests a low-fi audio stream from the antiquated (and I think deprecated) MS ACM. I believe that this results in subsequent requests to the audio input (particularly the one made by WinAMP) being downgraded to the low quality. This makes sense, as MS ACM (as I see it) is an older, lower level technology that was probably designed when only one app would even think about accessing the soundcard.

So the solution was to start up WinAMP first, and maybe (I wasn't there!) tweak the quality settings (still low quality) used in RecALL Pro.

Get on with it then - have a listen to the stream or check out the podcast! The water's fine, come on in...
I heard the King Unique remix of Gabriel & Dresden's "Tracking Treasure Down" on the weekend while helping out with our local house music radio show, Energy Flash on Radio 1.

My reaction was: the original was a great crossover clubby trance pop song, with a very pop/song structure, and King Unique succeeded in using the vocal over a much more constant/monotonous (i.e. the chord changes are not there) electro track.

Which is fine and all, obviously that's more relevant, and that's what I tend to be into a lot of the time, but for me it had the effect of making the vocal fairly irrelevant.

If you want to hear the King Unique remix, listen to the energyflash podcast. If you want to hear the original, get in a time machine and go back to last year and listen to Pete Tong's Essential Selection thru early/mid 2006.