This latest genre-bending release features originals from Haszari and SoNic Smith + remixes from nsu.

delicious, healthy fruit

Blood Orange re-presents an iconic film theme (and royal funeral march) as an epic indie electro rock anthem. SoNic brings a unique slice of dark dubstep to the party, and nsu's atmospheric breakbreat-step interpretation takes the tune to another level.

Equally monumental RE: Memory comes from a similar place - glitch beats and choral samples in an archaic, cavernous hall. nsu's remix again whips these elements into unsurpassed breakbeat, while Haszari's minimal tech-house treatment provides groove and disquiet in equal measure.

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The Deep Space EP emerged from the black nothing of the big bang, with Haszari & nsu at the controls.

we're going to space, man

Along for the ride to push the ship past warp 9 are dirty techno institution Aural Trash, Greg Churchill and LA fidget electronician Snake Charmer.

Get on it:

mmmmm minty

Our new release shines a light on Dunedin psychedelic wonder Sharkweek, alongside Cartoon stalwart and live electronic legend SoNic Smith. Cartoon honcho Haszari steps in with an alternative take on each track, and of course SoNic & Sharky get hefty with the editing to resulting in 3 diverse renditions of each track.

Wii Break has already caused a minor storm, as a featured demo in music technology bible Future Music, getting rinsed by trash electro institution Aural Trash, and featuring on b-Net station charts. Meanwhile, Small Firm Peppermints is an outlandish, dubbed out trip into the mind of Sharkweek, built on a dodgy late night sales pitch.


Out now! Featuring tracks (& remixes) from SoNic Smith & Haszari plus remixes from Stray Theories. Two breakbeat originals, a couple of deep and lush progressive remixes, a glitch-rock rework, and a fidget banger to round out the bunch.

Supported by such luminaries as Greg Churchill, Sam Hill, and radio play on George FM, UP FM, and the b-Net, this debut from the Cartoon hit factory looks set to destroy dancefloors all over.