If you're looking for incredible new electro - go get some!

I just finished work for the year, and am getting everything ready for a holiday up north.

While I am out of town, SoNic Smith will be looking after the radio show, so stay tuned in if you're in the Dunedin area (and of course grab the stream if you're not). Needless to say SoNic will keep the beats and the banter rolling - cheers SoNic!.

Now as I head north I am gearing up for two massive gigs in Gisborne - if you're anywhere near Gisborne leading up to the new year then this is where to go:

Haszari + DJ Hat @ Soho
28th December 2009

And the big one. I'm playing late on the 31st, but there are amazing acts over the three days - it's going to be an amazing festival. I for one am very excited about seeing Moby, Major Lazer, the Proxy, 2ManyDJs, LCD Soundsystem... the list goes on! See you there.

Rhythm & Vines Festival
29th-31st December 2009

Merry Christmas!

With surprise special guest MarkJ!

The Cartoon Network DJs occupying spacetime

Be there! 's gonna be mighty real!

Yep, it's now incredibly convenient to get your copy of the first Cartoon Beats EP.

Just click here:

SoNic Smith & Haszari - Cartoon Beats - Ladies Style - the JAcket

Thanks to dunedinmusic.com for expediting this process.

And stay tuned for CBR002, featuring psychedelic all-rounder Sharkweek, another nerdy hit from SoNic and remixes of both tracks from Haszari.

Big huge mega thanks to everyone involved in the Cartoon train thus far: Eion, Nic, Micah, Jill, Jess, Scott, Ivan, Matt, Greg, Sam ... and anyone I missed.

BOOM. Cartoon Beats. Squelchy distorted synths, minimal break beats, samples, cuts and filter sweeps. All you need for the rave in the club or elsewhere. The sounds broadly take cues from fidget house, traditional breakbeat, and more left-field glitch and breakstep styles - forget all that, it's all about the party.

The label's focus is on promoting and fostering independent producers out of the deep south in New Zealand. Look out for our signature multi-artist combo EPs in your favourite download store.

Cartoon Beats

Enjoy your visit to the Cartoon Beats Reality....