The Deep Space EP emerged from the black nothing of the big bang, with Haszari & nsu at the controls.

we're going to space, man

Along for the ride to push the ship past warp 9 are dirty techno institution Aural Trash, Greg Churchill and LA fidget electronician Snake Charmer.

Get on it:

Haszari Alibi 6 Sept 2008
I'm entering the Refuel/OUSA Future DJ Comp on thursday (4th Sept, Refuel) night. It's a cool format, 15 minutes to do your thing, so no mucking around, but not juggling/scratching/ITF type situation (3 minutes!) (which I can't do).

So be there!

And, saturday night, back at Alibi again, looking forward to it, always a good night, I'm sure you'll be there....

Yea I had a massive one last night. Cheers, Tim, cheers also Bath St.

See the rest of the photos at Facebook.

What is the current 'so-hot-right-now' electro house description?

a. dirty
b. chunky
c. indie
d. punk

What are the nicknames of Justice dj duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay?
a. Tom and Jerry
b. The Rock and The Terminator
c. Rhythm and Vines
d. The Moustache and The Chinese Boy

Which Rihanna 'Umbrella' remix was played by Dick 'Majik' Johnson at Bath St on Friday night?

a. Vandalism
b. The Mint Chicks
c. Diplo
d. None of the above

Which band is considered the most successful French electro house collaboration of all time?

a. Alloy Mental
b. Daft Punk
c. Groove Armada
d. Dimitri from Paris

Who played the voice of Megatron in the 2007 Transformers movie?

a. Peter Cullen
b. Laurence Fishburne
c. Hugo Weaving
d. James Earl Jones
I've remastered and tidied up The Jacket, used some more sample, and made a housier version which may be more clubby. They're all available at (see player below) or GarageBand which is a good option if you wanna iLike me on Facebook.

I used the EQ in excellent JAMin to make the spectrum roughly flat (it was quite low-end-heavy and there were little dips here and there). I didn't use any compression, but I think the EQing left a lot of room for makeup gain, so it could well be a lot louder. Anyone know about mastering? I don't.

If you want higher bit rate versions send me an email, sweet as..

The new ("original") version is now in the player (128k) and still available at zshare too (320k).

There's a new version I've put on zshare (cos I know all you blog readers love viewing zshare ads).. it has a nice complementary sub and some swooshes here and there and the drums are tidied up:
Haszari - The Jacket (original) [320kbps]

It'll go up on Last FM (etc) eventually but they're rejecting the 128k bla bla bla ...

Original post follows...

Here is a work-in-progress track currently called "Jacket". I'm happier with this (even in its current state) than I have been with any homemade music thus far. Here's a player, and the track is free-downloadable from, so go and grab it!

It was made with my favourite free software: ZynAddSubFX synth, Hydrogen drum machine, Ardour digital audio workstation, and sequencer Rosegarden. This is all installed and configured to run with low latency by default in the wonderful free operating system (Debian based) 64Studio.

Now your bit: leave comments below or let me know more directly what you reckon, what would make it better, etc etc. Thanks.
I heard the King Unique remix of Gabriel & Dresden's "Tracking Treasure Down" on the weekend while helping out with our local house music radio show, Energy Flash on Radio 1.

My reaction was: the original was a great crossover clubby trance pop song, with a very pop/song structure, and King Unique succeeded in using the vocal over a much more constant/monotonous (i.e. the chord changes are not there) electro track.

Which is fine and all, obviously that's more relevant, and that's what I tend to be into a lot of the time, but for me it had the effect of making the vocal fairly irrelevant.

If you want to hear the King Unique remix, listen to the energyflash podcast. If you want to hear the original, get in a time machine and go back to last year and listen to Pete Tong's Essential Selection thru early/mid 2006.