nsu is producer and live act Ivan Vuković. Ivan's first foray into writing music was around the turn of the millenium; Inspired by the giants of the live arena, such as Orbital and The Prodigy, amongst others, he set out to write electronic music he could perform live.

All of the early work largely remained out of sight until late 2008, when he finally took first steps into playing live gigs, and started releasing his own music independently through his small imprint newclearmusic.com. As a producer and artist, his approach has been to methodically pull elements out of genres like breaks, dubstep, ambient, acid house and prog, and mould them into his own concepts, resulting in a sound that can only be described in broad terms as electronic music. Yet his tastes and influences go far, far beyond the 'bleeps', 'wobbles' and 'oonsts' of dance...

With two singles and an EP already released, a handful of remixes (always) in the works, and a stack of live gigs around NZ under his belt, nsu is now focused on exploring sonic territories new to himself, as well as developing the mechanics of his live show even further. Watch out.

Sharkweek is the brainchild and solo-project of Dunedin, New Zealand artist and musician Peter Lewis. After having a life-changing experience listening to The Orb one hazy hallucinogenic afternoon in the 90s, Peter began producing his own downtempo electronic music. He's inspired and influenced by the likes of The Orb, Astralasia, Banco De Gaia, Future Sound Of London and a whole host of mid-early 90s ambient trance / dub / chill artists, as well as more recent artists like Lemon Jelly, Boards of Canada, Shulman, Bluetech and Pitch Black.

Sharkweek deep in astral contemplation

"...on 'Egyptian Lions' he evokes the more innocent musical ideals of the early-'90s. Glistening drifts of synthesiser pads, an array of peculiar samples, and an abundance of rhythms set to relax rather than stun mode ... a whole bunch of other electronic cleverness besides, all with a charming homespun feel"

"...filled with dreamy, engaging, purposeful, stimulating, intriguing, sample-filled electronica which combine to massage your synapses and slowly explode your brain ... it's stimulating of the imagination - beware of mixing with other substances!"

Australian musician/ambient electronica artist Micah D Wolfe began creating his brand of electronic music in 2000 under the name Stray Theories. Currently based in the South Island, New Zealand, he is producing lush downtempo electronica, and performing live throughout NZ & Australia as Stray Theories, as well as working with various other artists, projects and bands.

Over time the Stray Theories project has evolved, blending elements of minimal ambient music, lounge, deep progressive electronica and chill sounds...

The past few years have seen several EP releases which have received excellent reviews, a unique mix of electro lounge sounds and ethereal soundscapes fused with a deep meditative ambience. The sounds of Stray Theories have appeared worldwide on many compilations, documentaries, short films, radio, film and multimedia projects, as well as airplay on KISS FM (UK), FBI (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA), UPFM (AUCKLAND, NZ) + many more radio/online stations worldwide. In 2007 & 2008, Micah (Stray Theories) was a key performer at the Sydney Riverbeats Festival (Parramatta) - "A unique signature event is an innovative and inspirational celebration of water and our relationship to it". Stray Theories composed & performed both years for the event in collaboration with Brooklyn-based digital artist/animator Motomichi Nakamura. He is currently involved in various remix projects, as well as building soundscapes for several art installation / multimedia projects and hiding away in the studio working on new material for several upcoming releases. Check straytheoriesmusic.com for more info, news and music.

the brick wall starts where Haszari ends

Haszari's origins begin with thrash metal, guitar solos, and the half-speed choruses & flannel shirts of grunge. Progressing through 90s low-fi tracker big beat & downbeat music (under the alias SUBstandard), to hip hop DJing, scratching, Haszari arrived at the usual vinyl obsession thanks to the inevitable lure of dancefloor breaks and house. Since dropping absurd DJ names such as Tyred and Spudgun, Haszari's DJing has gone from strength to strength, including support slots for Dick Johnson, Tim Phin, Pig Out and others, and DJ sets from Auckland to Sydney, Gisborne to Wanaka, and of course Dunedin.

Alas, DJing for 6 hours every 3rd Saturday can only go so far, and Haszari recently found his obsession directed more and more toward soft-synths, samples and sequencers, and began remixing any eastern european trance vocal he could get his sticky mitts on. A love of bass and space pervades Haszari's production, revering at once both the sound of a room filled to the ceiling with a single sub note and the critical empty space between a kick, hi hat, and a snare. Style-wise he covers the gamut between deep minimal breaks, tech house, electro, and fidget house.

Haszari's tracks & remixes have been been played on George FM, UP FM, b-net stations including RDU and Dunedin's own Radio 1.

Nic Smith first entered the world of electronic music around the age of 11 when he found a music program hiding on a 3 1/4 inch floppy disk for his Amiga 500. It remained a toy to pass the time until 1998: after frying his brain with a computer programming course, he found solitude in a future music magazine.

Comforted (and slightly turned on) by beautiful glossy pin-ups of Roland groove boxes and drum machines his life took a new course. Filled with knowledge that comes only from a life time of computer nerdom, he endeavored to find a way to command his trusty silicon minions to etch out the sounds previously stuck in his head.

Inspired by the big beat sound, old school hip hop and new wave electro, his music often never sounds like any of these. Loving raspy distorted synths and glitchy "is it meant to sound like this" beats he ends up with an eclectic soundscape.

8 years after frying his brain, digital music has enabled new neurons to grow and he now has up to 96% of his brain fully functional under the psuedonym -

SoNic Smith.

[Although it now runs at 6.8GHz with limited RAM.]

His live performance is a tech showcase. One of his instruments, involving an eBay-salvaged infrared glove controller, has to be seen to be believed.

SoNic's music has appeared in top UK magazine Future Music and been reviewed in local institution NZ Musician. He has supported NZ breakbeat heavyweights Minuit, new wave legend Disasteradio, Phelps and Munro, So So Modern, Module and many more.