Everybody knows who Val Kilmer is right? Correct! He's the dude that was called 'Ice' in Top Gun which was the coolest name in the movie (to be fair, 'Maverick' was a cooler name but that Tom Cruise nut job went all Scientology and sullied the memory of it so that means 'Ice' is now top).

Val Kilmer was also Batman at one point but unfortunately he kind of sucked. He wasn't as bad as that Michael Keaton dude and it would never be a challenge to beat George Clooney at the acting game so I suppose he could have done worse.

There was another Batman which came out a while back which I haven't seen, hopefully that shit had Sean Connery as Batman 'cause damn man, that would be trippin'. So I guess when you look at it that way he was actually a good Batman, I mean, it's all relative, amIright or amIright? I am so right.

Apparently Mr Kilmer was also in Tombstone, True Romance and a bunch of other gold but I don't really remember - It was a long time ago.

Apparently a brother is meant to put paragraphs in his posts, so this here is the second (H: fifth) paragraph just for HASZARI THE BLOG POST HITLER!!!