I have been wanting to make some el cheapo near-field monitors for ages. My plan was to get the cheapest drivers I could find, probably with tweeters built in (aha! car speakers!) and put them in decent-sized boxes made out of MDF.

Last weekend when we painted our bedroom I saw that Warehouse had $20 4 inch car speakers and I was like "I am so gonna finally do this". (Luckily for me, the car speaker aisle is the same as the paint aisle.)

SO this weekend I did the stuff in about a day. A little bit of measuring and marking yesterday, and pretty much all day today sawing, glueing and getting tired.

The boxes are glued together with No More Nails and then screwed as well. I didn't use any tables or information about what size cabs would be best for the drivers, just decided based on the size I felt would be good & practical but ensuring there was a reasonable amount of internal volume.

Here's a couple of pictures, there are some more up on flickr.

And the best news - I am completely astounded by how they sound! Exactly what I was hoping for, enough range to produce on, they sound good without having to be turned up too loud, and much clearer highs than any of my other speakers.